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Parental Controls for iOS.

Control and schedule what is on your child's iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Simple, scheduled parental controls let you decide when your child has access to various components on their device AND allows you to block Apps, Movies, TV Shows and Music based on age ratings.

Q. There are some apps and shows that I am certain are synced to my child's device but even with the schedule on I can't see them?
A. This is due to the age restrictions set up in your child's profile. There is a default setting by age, so even if you didn't choose those settings in the beginning they were implemented automatically. To fix this just go in and change the age restrictions on apps and shows and the content you are looking for will return.
Q. When I set up the schedule I keep finding content missing at the times I've chosen?
A. Remember when setting up a schedule the times you select are the times that the child's has access to the device. Not for when the component is off. So as you choose the times think, this is when I want my child to have access.
Q. My child has an iPhone and an iPad. Can I put profiles on both devices?
A. Absolutely, when you set up different profiles for the same child we suggest naming them different things. For example Molly's iPad and Molly's iPhone. Then just make sure you enter the confirmation code on the right device. It's best to set up one device completely before starting another.
Q. When setting up a device why do I only have 12 hours to enter the confirmation code?
A. Each confirmation code is unique to each profile/device. We want you to complete the whole process for one child before setting up the next. Otherwise you may end up putting the wrong code on the wrong device. So adding the time limit ensures you will not try to set up many profiles and then try to match up the codes.
Q. What is the cost of ParentKit once my one month trial runs out?
A. A subscription to ParentKit is $24.99 USD for 6 months and $39.99 USD for one year.
Q. What happens at the end of my trial?
A. If you come to the end of your trial and you choose not to subscribe. Follow these instructions to remove the profile from your child's device and lift all ParentKit restrictions. On your child's device go to Settings > General > Device Management (or Profiles in iOS7) and delete the ParentKit material there. If you're considering future use, it would be good to delete the profiles within the app as well. The two are linked, so you if you delete the one on the child's device you'll need to delete the one in the app as well. Otherwise you will encounter an error message when you attempt to set up at a later date. Do this by swiping to the left over the child inside the app, on the parent device. The profile will eventually be removed when your trial runs out but it is not instant, it takes a little while. This is incase the parent changes their mind or doesn’t realize the trial has ended.
Q. I've decided I don't want ParentKit anymore. How do I delete it?
A. To delete the app from your device just delete like you would any app. To delete the profile from your child's device go to Settings > General > Profile, on their device and delete the ParentKit content there.
Q. Can my child delete the profile from their device?
A. Yes, your child can delete the profile from their own device. The only way to stop your child from deleting the profile is to put a parental passcode on their device. The passcode would need to be entered in order for the profile to be deleted. This is obviously not ideal for most parents because our children need to know that passcode to use their device when they are not with us. We would very much like to be able to put a parental passcode on the profile section only, but Apple will not allow developers to do that. If they would allow us, that would stop children from being able to delete the profile from their devices. One thing that is helpful is that if your child deletes their profile, then inside the app beside their name, the > arrow will turn back into a stopwatch. So at least the parent is aware they have deleted it.
Q. My child has deleted ParentKit from their device. How do I reinstall?
A. Deleting is a three step process, so if only one step was done a full delete has not occurred. The profile on the device and the one in the app are linked. So if one gets deleted the other must be deleted as well. 1. Go to your child's device and remove the profile by going to Settings > General > Device Management (or Profiles in iOS7) and delete the ParentKit material there. If there are no profiles listed continue to step two. 2. On your device, open the app, swipe to the left over the child/device you need deleted and a red delete box will appear. 3. Once you've done all that please log out, close the app down completely and when you log back in you're ready to start again.
Q. How many profiles can I have for my subscription?
A. We do not limit the number of profiles/devices you can have with a ParentKit subscription. All your children and all their devices are included in one subscription.
Q. My child keeps all their apps in folders, but when the schedule came back on they were not in the same place. Can this be fixed?
A. Unfortunately no. When the apps return after a scheduled time they come back in alphabetical order. This is a restriction put in place by Apple. They will not allow us to return the apps to their original location or folder.
Q. When setting up a schedule for apps I would love to be able to turn games off but leave educational apps on. Can this be done?
A. Unfortunately no. We would love to schedule apps by category but this is a restriction put in place by Apple. We are only allowed to schedule all apps or no apps. We hope this changes in the future and if it does we will implement that option right away.
Q. My child's iPod was supposed to come on while we were out for lunch but didn't?
A. Remember that a wifi enabled device needs to be connected to wifi for the schedule to be enabled. Even if you are connected to wifi, the schedule will not take effect until you "wake" the device. For example....if your child's schedule is set from 8 am till 10 am and they get on the bus at 8:15, you should "wake" the device before they exit the wifi zone to ensure the schedule engages.
Q. My spouse and I would both like to be able to have the ParentKit app on our devices. Is that ok?
A. Yes, you can control your child's device with multiple devices of your own BUT it is essential that you use the same account. The system will not allow a child's device to be connected to two separate accounts.

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