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Parental Controls for iOS.

Control and schedule what is on your child's iPod, iPad or iPhone.

Simple, scheduled parental controls let you decide when your child has access to various components on their device AND allows you to block Apps, Movies, TV Shows and Music based on age ratings.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download the ParentKit app to your own Apple iOS device.

  2. Create a new account.

  3. Add a new child by pressing the + symbol in the top right hand corner. If your child has multiple devices, you might want to name it something like Sara's iPhone. Enter their age and set the time zone. Press save

  4. The app will go back to the main screen, there will now be a stopwatch symbol bedside your child's name.

  5. Press this stopwatch button and the app will go through a series of prompts, please read them. Then at the end it will generate a code.

  6. Now go to your child's device, open Safari and load the website www.parentkit.co/r

  7. Enter the code that the app generated. It is case sensitive.

  8. Then press the green button that says Start Registration.

  9. The webpage will change and say it has found your child's device, press the red Register button.

  10. The system will now attempt to install a ParentKit profile onto your child's device.

  11. Please choose install and accept when prompted. ("At this point, the child’s device might ask you to enter the passcode. If it does, enter the passcode for the CHILD’s device, not the passcode of the PARENT’s device, nor the Apple Restriction's passcode.")

  12. Now your installation is complete. Go back to the app on your device to set up a schedule. You may need to refresh the page by pulling down on the screen.

    1. ParentKit
      Setting up a Schedule

      To set up a schedule, choose from one of the four components you'd like to manage. Let's use Safari as an example.

      1. Choose Safari from the list.

      2. Switch the schedule access button to blue.

      3. Press the + symbol and a drop down window will appear. Enter the days and times you WANT you child to have access to Safari. You can keep pressing the + symbol to add more days and/or more times.

      4. Make sure to press save when you are finished.

      5. If you ever want to turn off the schedule temporarily, switch the Schedule Access button back so no blue is showing.

      6. To turn Safari off instantly press the Turn Off Safari button. Remember though it will stay that way until you manually switch it back on. Again, remember to save your actions.

      Age Ratings and Restrictions

      The Age Ratings section defaults based on the age you entered for your child, for purchased apps, tv shows and movies. So you might need to go into the this section and change it for your own preferences. When the ratings are set to low certain apps and shows will not appear on the device, based on those settings, even when the schedule is on. This is helpful for parents who have children with a wide age gap or for a child's ability to stream anything in your iTunes account, from the cloud. ParentKit does not delete anything from your devices, it only hides the icons based on the settings you've chosen.

      The Restrictions section turns the components listed on or off. If the blue on the switch is showing it means your child HAS access to that feature. Remember to press save after you make any changes.


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